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Living in a Podcast Paradise

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Hi there, and welcome back to the blog.

Thank you for taking the time to come by and read this article. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, hopefully, we will see a lot more of you in the future.

Today I will be discussing my favourite podcasts that I listen to daily and weekly, and hopefully, if you like the sound of them, we can talk more about them in future blog posts.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

I have been listening to this podcast from the very beginning when the host, Jordan Harbinger, started out with another podcast called The Art of Charm. Apparently, the two parties had a falling out and removed Harbinger from the original podcast where he began his own show in February 2018 creatively titled The Jordan Harbinger Show.

The show is a mix of a wide variety of guests on the Tuesday and Thursday shows in a long-form interview style, usually those trying to sell a book. Those shows are followed by one titled Feedback Friday, in which Jordan and guest Gabriel Mizrahi answer listener questions and fan mail on air, keeping fans anonymous with a clever pseudonym thought up by Mizrahi.

The show has recently started a beginners guide to the show to allow new listeners to get up to speed on everything the show does. I would highly recommend this show if you like listening to long-form, thought-provoking interviews with a variety of expert guests from a wide range of disciplines.

You can check it out here.

The 2 Johnnies Podcast

I must admit that I am late to the 2 Johnnies Podcast, having just started listening after the duo's appearance on The Tommy Tiernan Show earlier this year. I listened to the Tommy Tiernan interview, thinking that it would be an excellent place to start after the conversation on his show and immediately found out what I was missing out on; there were laughs from practically the first minute until the end of each episode.

I never thought I would laugh at a podcast as much, but these guys are absolute geniuses. They get me laughing so much that I've started recommending the podcast in real life, and when people ignore it, I get pretty frustrated. I don't think they know what they are missing.

The show begins with correspondence from fans about an earlier topic discussed on a previous podcast which is hilarious 100 per cent of the time; they then start discussing the main topic of this week's show, followed by another hilarious segment with either Paddy Fong or Noel Furlong. Next is Maura's (the producer) Mystery Topic, usually aimed at female listeners as the rest can be typically quite male based humour. Finally, the boys finish the podcast with their traditional Yurts and Dirts of the Week, a round-up of what they did during the week and whether they enjoyed it or not. I would highly recommend giving it a try and seeing if it is your kind of thing. One thing I can guarantee are laughs from this podcast.

The podcast recently moved exclusively to Spotify – if you want to listen, just search for 'The 2 Johnnies Podcast', and you'll find it on the platform.

Mindset By Design

The Mindset By Design podcast by Andy Murphy is mainly aimed at entrepreneurs and business owners, but the concepts can be used for almost any area of life. The show is based around Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and how the brain works to help achieve goals and create a better life. The show is vehemently not 'self-help', and a saying on the show is 'Just because it's common knowledge, doesn't mean it's common practice'.

The show consists of guests from various disciplines on some episodes and other solo episodes where Andy goes on a rant about the show's topic, imparting the knowledge he has to help listeners.

A significant downside is the amount the show discusses business and goes through the upsells at the start of the podcast, but the rest of the podcast is usually pretty good once that is all finished. So I would recommend giving it a chance and seeing if it is for you. If not, then no worries.

Listen here.


Impaired is a comedy podcast focussed on the topic of disability. The show features three co-presenters Jack Carroll, a stand-up comedian with Cerebral Palsy - formerly on Britains Got Talent; Pete Selwood, a fellow comic with one hand and the 'token' able-bodied comic Chris Copestake. The show centres around the topic of disability and society, such as disability and employment, or disability and dating and other such issues. They spend the show discussing the experience of Carroll and Selwood's experience with the topic. At the end, as the token non-disabled presenter Copestake votes on which of his co-presenters has it worse in any given case.

Self-deprecating humour is used a lot in this podcast, and some may be uncomfortable with it. However, give it a try here and let me know what you think in the comments below.

The Manchester United Podcast

Last but certainly not least is The Manchester United Podcast. I get that as a fan of Manchester United that I would enjoy this more than someone who isn't, and it is based totally on sporting tastes, but for those of you who are fans of The Red Devils, then I would highly suggest that you give this podcast a try.

It is an interview podcast with a plethora of Manchester United players and staff, both past and present, and gives a fascinating insight into the lives of the players who pulled on the famous red of Manchester United. It also offers an important insight into the lives of the support staff that helped along the way to the club becoming one of the most successful in world football. It is a fascinating insight behind the curtain of the most popular headline makers.

My favourite episodes right now include Dimitar Berbatov, Patrice Evra, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, and Paul Pogba.

I would recommend this podcast for Manchester United fans or the United fan in your life. Also might be of interest to sports fans who are not necessarily football fans, as it may give a fascinating insight into one of the most successful football clubs in the world.

To start listening, click here.


So there are my top five favourite podcasts. I hope you have enjoyed reading about them enough that you give them a listen; if you do, then please come back and let me know what you thought about them.

Once again, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. I hope you enjoyed it, and hopefully, we will see you back here for far more in the not too distant future.

Until next time.

Warmest regards,


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